Why Hire a Landscape Architect?

Landscape Architects bring many benefits to you.

Landscape Architects bring many benefits to you.

 Landscape architects...

· are state licensed design professionals - this insures a minimum level of competency to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  This insures a proper level of training,  experience, and continuing education, and ethics are ongoing.  

· are trained to address problems: structural, drainage, aesthetic, privacy, safety, and environmental.  They offer a higher level of design service when compared with an unlicensed landscape designer, draftsman or contractor.

· bring peace of mind - they help protect one of your largest investments - well designed landscape can improve the value of a property 10-20%.  Landscape is in investment that literally grows.  A Clemson University and University of Maryland study found that potential home buyers will pay up to 11.3% above asking price for homes with a well designed landscape. 

· help by analyzing  a project site to determine suitability for uses and even site new buildings, roads, and other improvements.

· are experts in the planning stages of a construction project.  Planning is a critical stage in a successful construction project.

· manage budgeting, estimating, construction material selection: Landscape Architects are versed in construction material choices, applications, costs, and benefits. This includes items such as pavers, concrete, decking, railings, lighting fixtures, pool/fountain products, plant materials, and many more.

· are able to connect you with known reputable contractors to promote a good construction experience.

 · are trained to extend your home's sustainability into the landscape and save you money over the long run.   Landscape can be designed to decrease energy costs.  Deciduous trees can be used to shade a building in the summer and let light through in the winter.  LED landscape lighting can reduce energy consumption up to 80%.  Drip irrigation can reduce water consumption up to 75%.  

· help facilitate Multiple Contractor Bids, saving up to 30% on the exact same plan.  When clients opt for the "Free Landscape Plan" offered by a landscaper, they will not be able to bid the plan among other contractors.  The Contractor will often greatly increase his/her pricing knowing the Client has no other option but to use their services. The cost of this mistake can dwarf the fees charged by a licensed professional.

· help you clear the obstacle of the Governing Design Review Board at the Property Owner's Association level or municipal level, saving you time and money.

· help reduce the number of construction change orders and revisions by the contractor, a valuable savings.

· can help by managing the Contractor Bidding process.

· help with the Construction Administration.  In this capacity, they are your knowledgeable representative on the job site and know how to speak the Contractor language. 

· follow up after the installation by addressing design/maintenance questions keeping records of specified items for warranty purposes.