Merritt McKenzie Plan

Our friends Tom and Allie are working to renovate an historical home in downtown Bentonville.  They are our friends who created our new website and its new look.  We are helping them by giving shape to their landscape ideas and creating a Masterplan for their property.  

They plan to add a detached garage to the back yard that will house a mother-in-law apartment as well as an art/architecture studio space.   They need more parking for friends and possibly a loop driveway in the front.   They plan to add french doors that will spill out onto an entertainment patio that is now part of the driveway on the side of the house.  Also, they want to add a back patio that will tie the house to the new detached garage / apartment.

We initially sat down and sketched together and the design evolved as we sat and talked late one evening (see image to the right.)  This was the begennings of our Masterplan. 

Once we met and talked over the ideas, we were all pretty excited about the possibilites of how we could re-define the side yard into a garden and how we could set the stage for an
 urban contemporary garage apartment.  Tom is most excited about a garden shed addition to the existing storage building where he'll be able to walk across the stepping stones and build a fire while hanging out with the guys. 

 A short time later, I took the initial sketches and created the first draft of the masterplan that incorporated all of our ideas.  I should be posting the updated plan soon and discussing some of the design elements.  Stay tuned to see how the masterplan evolves.

Posted on January 19, 2010 and filed under "design", "historical", "landscape", "masterplan".