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Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

This design was the result of a competition and originally one of ten temporary display gardens. Each designed to show homeowners themed ideas of what could be done in the space the size of a modest back yard in Northwest Arkansas. The gardens became permanent as visitors grew to love them. Entering along the stone path, you cross a dry streambed that leads to a lush koi pond. You will notice the main features of the garden – the Japanese garden entry gate and the matching pavilion that offers a place to sit and enjoy the quiet. The garden contains a series of Japanese specimen plants such as Chamaecyparis, Azaleas, and Deodora Cedar.


4703 N Crossover Rd


AR 72764

Botanical garden of the ozarks garden design family 2
Botanical garden of the ozarks garden design
Botanical gardens of the ozark garden design
Botanical garden of the ozarks garden design 2
Botanical garden of the ozarks garden port

Design work

Botanical garden of the ozarks masterplan

Project Info

Interesting fact: the raised portion of the bench inside the pavilion was originally designed to be the base of a ‘cage’ that would contain the garden’s collection of bonsai trees.

Client: Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Completion: Spring 2008

Project Type: Institutional

Architects: N/A

Included elements

Japanese Garden, Streambed, Garden Gate, Garden Walls, Wood Fence, Drainage, Planting, Pavilion

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