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This project included the re-design of a subdivision entry wall, new plantings, re-design of the landscape/tree lighting along the main boulevard and the subdivision’s namesake entry bridge. We were able to re-use and refinish the large metal panel from the original sign wall and applied laser cut, powder coated steel lettering to its face. The walls and piers are capped off with cut limestone detailing that help define the feel of the entry.


Mount Comfort Road


Arkansas 72704

Bridgeport sideview

Design work

Institutional landscape design Bridgeport
the masterplan for bridgeport

Project Info

This project uses one of my favorite lights and one of my favorite plants. The light is a built-in wall cap light that grazes down the face of the stone. The small plant used here is a Mexican feather grass and is a low wispy grass that looks great most any time of year.

Client: Bridgeport Property Owners Association

Completion: Fall 2016

Project Type: Institutional

Architects: N/A

Included elements

Subdivision Entry, Ironwork, Planting, Night Lighting, Signage, Renovation

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