Case Study

Gun Club Road

The masterplan for this existing home/farm included the design of a new barn, new fencing, entry gates, and re-imagined landscaping. As a veterinarian, this client knew the functional requirements he wanted to achieve with the layout but wanted help making it all come together in a way that was harmonious with the land and their home.


7343 W. Gun Club Road


AR 72704

Gun club road top perspective
Gun club road building perspective
Gun club road side perspective
Gun club road front perspective institutional

Design work

masterplan gunclub road

Project Info

Grading and drainage were a chief concern for this project. By using a digital 3D model, we could adjust the barn elevation and see the aesthetic effect as well as the cut and fill quantities… which impacts the bottom line.

Client: Undisclosed

Completion: Under construction

Project Type: Residence – New

Architects: N/A

Included elements

Drainage, Entry Gates, Planting, Drainage, Barn, Horse Fencing

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