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This home is set on 2 wooded acres in on the Ozark Plateau. The main elements of the home are sleek concrete, glass, wood, and steel. The biggest challenge was also the greatest opportunity: how to juxtapose the contemporary order of the building into the natural site.

The concrete driveway is the linking material. It winds its way down the hillside giving a full range of views to the home. Along the way, the visitor passes by tumbled pebbles aiding the drainage and walls crafted out of car sized boulders unearthed during the excavation of the foundation. We brought in shade loving ferns & sweetspire together with the flowing pennisetums, inkberry holly, horsetail reed, and siberian iris to make the setting complete.


2 Acres

Adjacent to Mt. Sequoyah Woods

72 South Kestrel Lane

Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Kestral back view
kestral harscape design residential
rock bed kestral harscape design residential
rock bed kestral harscape design residential 2

Design work

kestral masterplan garden design architecture

Project Info

The driveway on this project has two different finishes next to each other – a smooth border and an exposed aggregate finish. To achieve a look that would mesh with the grey concrete of the house and the natural brown stone of the site, we called for a custom aggregate blend of limestone chips and brown pea gravel. This gave the color we wanted and gave extra traction to the steep drive.

Client: Tom & Mona Jones

Completion: Spring 2009

Project Type: Residence – New

Architects: Edward Richardson Brya

Included elements

Driveway, Guest Parking, Retaining Walls, Drainage, Planting, Night Lighting

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