Case Study

Rudy Road

This family farm will be the home for several generations as the property gets developed. Entrance to the property is granted through the formal entry gate and along a tree lined entry drive. We created the initial masterplan to have the main residence at the property’s center overlooking a proposed lake with fishing dock. The southwest corner of the site is where the main barn/apartment is sited. The Architect Terry Parker developed the plans for the barn/apartment and we modeled it into the site to study how the outdoor living spaces would work alongside the catch pen, paddock, and riding arena.


34 Acres

1.74 Miles of horse fence

North Rudy Road

Van Buren, Arkansas

Rudy road barn
Rudy road north perspective farm
Rudy road east perspective farm
Rudy road pont perspective

Design work

Project Info

An interesting aspect of this project is the interplan of generations that will be living on site and their differing needs of privacy and accessibility.

Client: Undisclosed

Completion: Under construction

Project Type: Farm/Equestrian

Architects: Terry Parker

Included elements

Driveway, Entry Gates, Drainage, Lake, Fishing dock, Barn, Horse Fence, New House location, Farm Masterplan, Riding Arena, Maintenance Barn, Paddocks, Planting, Night Lighting

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